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Basket Trader is not free and works unregistered for four weeks. You need to register Basket Trader to get an unlimited version. (Registration involves payment of the product) Therefore, you need to send us your name and the hardware key of your computer. We will send you back an unlock key. You need to enter this unlock key together with your name into Basket Trader to convert Basket Trader into an unlimited version.

You find the hardware key as well as the entry-fields for your name and the unlock key in the following menu of the main form: Help / Register Basket Trader.


To purchase Basket Trader you need to pay a one-time fee of 89 EUR. This includes unlimited usage, free updates and support.

We accept Paypal and bank transfer as payment options. If you want to purchase Basket Trader, please contact us (via email) with your name, address, the hardware code (from the Help menu) and your preferred payment method. We will then send you further instructions regarding the payment. As soon as the payment has been accomplished, you will get an unlock key from us with which you can use Basket Trader unlimitedly.

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