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Talk: How to avoid losing money using trading systems

This 60-minute talk presents an introduction into system trading and covers most risks and pitfalls a system trader might fall into. It gives you recommendations about what to do and especially: what not to do when using trading systems. It is a compilation of many years of experience trading the markets and developing and testing trading systems. You can watch the talk here:

Download the slides used for the talk from here.


In the recent years, José Cruset disclosed over 50 trading ideas and trading systems to the broad public, he developed new indicators which are now used by thousands of traders. His articles appeared (among others) in the Active Trader Magazine.

His articles, in which his trading ideas and systems were analyzed in depth can be found behind these links:

Articles_discussing_stocks and futures systems

Articles_discussing Forex_systems

The articles need to be purchased. If you want an excerpt for free please contact the author directly.


In the following essay José Cruset presents and discusses the most popular trend following concepts. In addition various trend following systems are presented together with their backtested results over a 15-year period and across various markets. There is also a chapter on data and special focus has been put on the risks and pitfalls. You can download the document (PDF) from here:

Analysis of Trend Following Systems (925 KB)


José Cruset is also a contributor to  the book Trend Following by Michael Covel ( to which he provided a complete chapter (Appendix A) presenting and discussing different trend-following systems. (the chapter is an excerpt of the essay above)

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