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Facts about Trading Systems

- The world's most successful money managers use Trading Systems.

- Most of the money (over $40 billion) in professionally managed futures is traded using some form of trend following systems. Please have a look at this book in which I wrote one chapter (presenting various trading systems):

- 90% of commodity traders quit as losers.

- 80-90% of traders will jump on the bandwagon of a new system and trade it until they take 3 losses in a row. They change from system to system to system getting 3 losses in a row with each until they get fed up and quit or lose their capital.


10 reasons why you should have a system:

A systematic trading approach will allow you to:

  1. Find consistently profitable trading strategies.

  2. Reduce emotional trading decisions.

  3. Increase confidence to take a trade and make decisions without hesitation.

  4. Know probability of profit before making a trade.

  5. Eliminate strategies which are not profitable.

  6. Find trading strategies that match your personality and risk profile.

  7. Trade multiple markets effectively.

  8. Take advantage of new opportunities much faster and more efficiently.

  9. Take control of your own trading decisions.

  10. Sleep better at night knowing that you are following a trading system that has been tested and retested, and has proven profitable in the past.


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